Top 10 new ECM features in SharePoint 2013

The Enterprise Content Management features in SharePoint have steadily improved with each new release of the platform. In this session, I explore the top 10 new ECM features that have been added to SharePoint 2013, with an emphasis on “new”.

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Records Management Podcast on The MOSS Show

I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with Hilton Giesenow about records management as part of his popular SharePoint podcast, The MOSS Show. I have to say it was a lot of fun, and many thanks to Hilton for giving me yet another opportunity to wax philosophical about SharePoint Records Management, which is a [...]

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SharePoint 2013 Records Management Course – Rescheduled

UPDATE – This course has been rescheduled for Friday, August 16th from 11AM to 3PM EST.
I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be conducting an online SharePoint 2013 Records Management course on Friday, August 16th. The course is part of a growing suite of online classes being offered by
I’m excited to be a part [...]

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Stupid SharePoint Tricks #2–The PowerShell Versioning Issue

So, you’ve got your SharePoint 2010 development environment all setup nice and pretty – check.
You’ve gotten the hang of the PowerShell thing and it’s working all slick like – sweet.
Now you hear there’s a brand NEW version of PowerShell out there with even more fun toys and stuff.  So you download the latest and greatest [...]

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Records Management, Bilateral Symmetry, and the Survival of the Human Race

Landru – Master Programmer
Human Beings, like all mammals and most living organisms exhibit one distinctive trait – bilateral symmetry.  You know – 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, 2 legs, and so on.  But lets consider for a moment the human brain, which has 2 distinct hemispheres.  As it turns out, both are necessary for [...]

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Stupid SharePoint Tricks #1–The Content Organizer Timer Job

So, you’ve setup your content organizer with the appropriate rules and they are working. – check.
You’ve added the appropriate users to the “Rule Managers” group so they will be reminded via email whenever the content organizer starts filling up. – check
You’ve configured the Content Organizer Settings to set the limit so that document metadata has [...]

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The Singularity is Near – SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013

SharePoint Evolution Conf.April 15-17, 2013London
One of my favorite books is Ray Kurzweil’s remarkable “The Singularity is Near” in which he describes the convergence of technology and how rapidly change is happening in the world. Well, change is happening pretty quickly in the SharePoint world as well as new paradigms emerge for authentication, the cloud and [...]

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ARMA Records Management Training

The folks at ARMA International have introduced an interesting new Records Management Certification program for SharePoint. It is delivered in person by Bruce Miller (RIMTech), who is a world-class expert on electronic record keeping. Bruce’s Managing Records in SharePoint 2010 book, also published by ARMA, is included in the two-day course, which takes you [...]

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Visual SVN 3.0 Community License–Bad News for SharePoint Developers

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Building SharePoint-Friendly File Plans using InfoPath 2010

Configuring a SharePoint 2010 records center site involves many steps that must be properly orchestrated in order to achieve the desired results.
As an example, most records management solutions use content organizer rules to route incoming records to a particular document library or folder so they can be associated with specific information policies and retention schedules.  [...]

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